Lucy: September in Jodhpur

IMG_6952By September I was feeling extremely comfortable in my organization and was well on my way to starting my first project. This first project
included updating the NGO’s brochure and making a promotional booklet. The promotional booklet would have an overview of the organization, a background profile of the founder of MSS, and small biographies of some of the women who worked there. I thought that the promotional booklet should be placed in the MSS shop where their soft toys are sold along with other products made by the women of MSS. The tourists and customers that would come to the shop could then read the booklet and get a com- plete sense of the organization and the products.

I thought it was really important for the customers to understand this shop as an extension of the NGO instead of a normal run-of-the-mill tourist shop. After seeing the entire process of how these toys were made, and talking with the women who make them for the past two months, I wanted the tourists to somehow experience what I experienced with these women. The women were not selling these products themselves and could not be there to explain the hard work that goes into making these soft toys. This booklet would be a good way to represent the women and the hard work that they do every day. The aim of this booklet was to promote the NGO/products AND give the tourists an understanding of who is making these soft toys and how.

September was also the same month I started taking Bollywood Hip Hop dance classes at Tarun Dance Institute (TDI). Everyday I would come home from work, change for dance class, and walk five mintues to TDI from six to seven pm. Initially I only wanted to join a dance class because it was the only other form of excerize besides yoga, and yoga classes were held at six in the morning. (So that idea was out) But I ended up loving it! TDI became a great place to relax, enjoy and excersize at the same time. All of the instructors were so funny and easy going, and they tried really hard to make sure I was understanding their instructions even though they mostly spoke in Hindi. Overall though I found it easy to follow the steps, and attending TDI was something that I kept up with for the entire five months I stayed in Jodhpur. TDI MAST HAI!

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