Lucy: November in Jodhpur


In November, I did my second project with MSS. This project was focused on designing and executing a five day workshop with the clerk of the MSS shop that provided basic customer service skills. I wanted to educate him in these skills in the hopes of MSS becoming more profitable. Additionally, I wanted him to understand how he could be an asset for MSS and he was an important link in the connection between the customers and the MSS women. My five day workshop would help him be able to represent the products, the women, and the NGO in the best way possible. I enjoyed working with and teaching the shop clerk. He was very intelligent, and a fast learner. This workshop not only helped
the shop clerk obtain new customer service skills but was also educative for me. Never before had I really been in charge of something like this, so it was insightful for me to face the different challenges of running my own workshop.

In November, I also had a holiday which I spent half of in Jodhpur and then traveled to Delhi again. But this time when I reached Delhi, my
only focus was getting to Agra. In Agra, stood the mighty Taj Mahal. Seeing this wonder of the world was an amazing experience. It was the second most calm place I have been to in India (after Mahatma Gandhi’s grave site) At the Taj Mahal, I just spent the entire time staring up in wonder at the glorious white palace before my eyes. I had never seen something so vast and graceful. I felt so small in the prescence of something so big, important, and practically flawless. Seeing the Taj was a quick experience, but still very fulfilling for me. I knew that this would be the only time in my life where I could see something like this. So I cherished every moment I had with the Taj and took so many pictures so I could remember how it felt to be there.

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