Lucy: Host Family Road Trip


During my first week of India, I got to know my host family very well. We even went on a road trip together because my host mother was in the process of getting a teaching degree, and her school was outside of the city. So my second weekend in India was filled with playing games with my host siblings, eating at roadside dhabas, and seeing things I never expected to see on a road trip.

We stopped at different temples, and the kids showed me what to do once we reached inside, (where to go, which gods to pray to, etc.) It was the first time I was seeing such beautiful Hindu temples, and I loved the white stone carvings that filled every inch of the walls. After seeing the temples, we also went off-roading and followed a guide up these huge rocks to see the moving stones. When you sat underneath, these stones were balanced so perfectly that you could move them up and down with your legs and they wouldnt crush you. I had never seen anything like this!

This road trip was a great way to engage and start to connect with my host family. It was also a trip that initiated my host siblings obsession with my iPhone. They really enjoyed listening to my english music. My seven year old host sister especially liked one track by the young, hiprapper, Wiz Khalifa, titled, Black and Yellow. My five year old host brother enjoyed playing games like stone, paper, scisscors and taking selfies with me. I felt like a kid again playing with the two of them, and I had forgotten how great that could feel. I think my host parents were happy that I was getting along so easily with them, and praised me for my patience. From this point on, I was thinking that this host family would be perfect for me.

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