Lucy: First Impressions of Jodhpur


After a long and dreadful ten hour layover in Heathrow Airport in London, and then boarding a small, cramped flight from Delhi, I had finally arrived in Jodhpur, India: also known as The Blue City. Ironically enough, my first thought when I stepped off the plane was, Where is all the blue? In my first couple of hours in Jodhpur, it was not at all what I had expected. After my boss (and soon to be best friend) picked me up from the airport, we drove around Jodhpur, stopping at Gypsy, Jodhpurs most popular restaurant. I was having all kinds of different foods that I could not remember the names of, and putting all types of odd looking breads and vegtables in my mouth. Of course, it was all delicious. After talking with my boss about how the rest of the program would go, we did a bit of shopping, and then she dropped me at my hotel so I could nurse my jet lagged body. As I saw the streets and people of Jodhpur from the car, I marveled at how different it looked to me. I had kept reading about the glorious blue houses and delicately designed doors and windows, but I did not see any of this…yet.

After an extremely hard night of sleep, I went to the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort accompanied by the IHD staff. Finally, I saw the beautiful blue houses that I had been reading about! As we roamed the Fort, my boss told me that one of the centers I would be working at is located in this magnificient place and that I would get to come here everyday. I had never felt so lucky; there would be no corner office view that would beat mine! The Fort became my work office for the next five months, and everyday as I walked past the old, cracked walls and beautiful carvings, I felt so happy to be in India.

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